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TMR-LCG Resources

Here you can find pointers to corpora and software which can be used in the TMR-LCG network.


In the network tasks proposal, Miles Osborne and Erik Tjong Kim Sang suggest to use the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) corpus and the SUSANNE corpus. The WSJ corpus is available from the Linguistic Data Consortium as a part of the Penn Treebank-2. SUSANNE is freely available from the Oxford Text Archive by ftp.

The corpora used in the shared tasks are available via the different task description pages:


The following software packages have been suggested as useful for network participants:


The following software demos have been made available by network participants:

Mailing list

There exists an internal electronic mailing list for network participants. The address is:

Information about (un)subscribing can be obtained from


An example slides file has been made for the presentations during the review in November 1999 in Dublin. The file is available in tex format and in postscript. The tex file should be processed by LaTeX2e. Information about the package that was used can be found in its manual.

External links

A collection of links to other related research organizations.

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