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Pronunciation by Analogy in Normal and Impaired Readers

The prevailing dual-route model of oral reading claims that a lexical route is used for the pronunciation of words and a non-lexical route processes nonwords. Neurological data from patients with acquired dyslexias have been highlighted to support this claim. Models using a lexicon alone are generally held to be incapable of explaining these data. However, by selectively impairing its component parts, it is easily possible to account for phonological and surface dyslexias using a single-route model based upon pronunciation by analogy.

R.I. Damper and Y. Marchand, Pronunciation by Analogy in Normal and Impaired Readers. In: Proceedings of CoNLL-2000 and LLL-2000, Lisbon, Portugal, 2000. [ps] [pdf] [bibtex]
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