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::: proceedings :::

:: proceedings ::

  1. Bart Decadt, Veronique Hoste, Guy De Pauw
    Preface (pdf)

  2. Invited Speaker - Thorsten Brants
    Natural Language Processing in Information Retrieval (pdf)

  3. Gosse Bouma
    A Corpus Investigation of PP-fronting in Dutch (pdf)

  4. Sander Canisius and Antal van den Bosch
    A Memory-Based Shallow Parser for Spoken Dutch (pdf)

  5. Balázs Kis, Begoña Villada, Gosse Bouma, Gábor Ugray, Tamás Bíró, Gábor Pohl and John Nerbonne
    Methods for the Extraction of Hungarian Multi-Word Lexemes (pdf)

  6. Detlef Prescher, Remko Scha, Khalil Sima'an and Andreas Zollmann
    On the Statistical Consistency of DOP Estimators (pdf)

  7. Carla Schelfhout, Peter-Arno Coppen
    Interrupting Constructions in a Rejuvenated Amazon Grammar (pdf)

  8. Wojciech Skut
    Incremental Construction of Minimal Sequential Transducers (pdf)

  9. Erik F. Tjong Kim Sang, Walter Daelemans and Anja Hothker
    Reduction of Dutch Sentences for Automatic Subtitling (pdf)

  10. Tylman Ule and Jorn Veenstra
    Iterative Treebank Refinement (pdf)

  11. Leonoor van der Beek and Timothy Baldwin
    Crosslingual Countability Classification with EuroWordNet (pdf)

  12. Hans van Halteren
    Detection of Plagiarism in Student Essays (pdf)

  13. Aris Xanthos
    An Incremental Implementation of the Utterance-Boundary Approach to Speech Segmentation (pdf)

  14. List of Contributors (pdf)

:: call for papers ::

We will produce a volume with the proceedings of CLIN 2003, which will distributed at CLIN 2004. Therefore, we invited all CLIN 2003 speakers to submit a written version of their talk or poster for publication in the CLIN 2003 Proceedings. The paper had to be written in English and the maximum length was 15 pages. All submissions were reviewed by two anonymous reviewers. Twenty-three papers were submitted of which eleven were accepted.

The time schedule was as follows:

The proceedings will be edited by Bart Decadt, Guy De Pauw and Veronique Hoste. The reviewing committee consists of: Gosse Bouma, Walter Daelemans, Maarten de Rijke, Koenraad De Smedt, Iris Hendrickx, Jean-Pierre Martens, Mark-Jan Nederhof, John Nerbonne, Jan Odijk, Marie-Laure Reinberger, Khalil Sima'an, Erik Tjong Kim Sang, Antal van den Bosch, Frank Van Eynde, Hans van Halteren, Gertjan van Noord, Menno van Zaanen and Patrick Wambacq.

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